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Do you want to buy a new judo suit, judo trouser or judo belt? Well, it's crucial that choose not only the right apparel but also the right vendor. Judo is a unique form of martial arts, and it's always a requirement to have the proper apparel. The sport is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Judo is considered to be not only an excellent way to receive an intense workout but also a fascinating practice that allows people to indulge in one aspect of Japanese culture. The components of a Judo suit complement each other to give users a full range of movement while fighting.

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We have an extensive collection of judo suits, belts and trousers in our online store. Maybe you need to replace your old belt, or you just ripped your trousers, which means you don't need to buy a whole suit. And that's where we come in; we give you the freedom to buy whatever judo apparel you need separately. If you place your order by 4.00 pm, we guarantee that your order will be shipped the same day.

Our suits come in many sizes, colors and weights to meet individual tastes and preferences as well as various requirements for differences in age and skill levels/abilities. The primary objective of Judo is to take down your opponent using grappling maneuvers, so your suit needs to be loose fitting. It goes without saying that your judo apparel should be comfortable to wear and able to withstand punishment or strain, especially at the seams, where it matters most.

We take pride in the price and overall quality of every single product in our shop, and that's why we also provide a cooling off period of thirty days. Whether you need International Judo Federation (IFJ) approved suits or club level training apparel, you can count on us to deliver according to your expectations.