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Judo, being an indoor contact sport, requires that you have a few additional accessories to keep the risk of injury at the bare minimum. We have plenty of different accessories for various functions. At the end of the day, prevention is better than cure. The risk of injury cannot be completely avoided, but accessories go a long way in helping to reduce any fatalities.

At, we stock various accessories for Judoka. Whether you need shin guards, balls, thermal clothing, slippers and items for injury protections, we’ve got you covered. Judo has also undergone tremendous change over the years and it hasn’t been left out in the area of innovations and technological advancements. In this respect, we also have plenty of gadgets that can help you enhance your experience on your journey as a judoka.



Innovation drives change and we strive to ensure you can get all the accessories you need to enjoy your experience. Check out the accessories we have online at The accessories are from different brands such as Adidas, Erima and Derbystar. If you would like to place an order for any accessory, simply go to our online store and we shall ship your product to you as soon as possible. In case of any queries, contact us at has a big collection accessories. This collection consists of products from top brands, like Adidas, Erima and Derbystar.  Products like (soccer)balls, shinguards, Thermo clothes, slippers and strains and sprains protection products.  All these produts enable you to be perfectly prepared for your game.



These products are very modern and colourful. Furthermore, they’re very functional.  You’re sure to find something in this category, all kinds of useful gadgets are displayed here for a cheap price. Do you want to order a large amount of a specific product, for yourself or for the team? That’s no problem! Write an email to, our visit our contact page and we will help you as fast as possible.

The products are orderly divided into several categories, such as the shinguards which are categorised under the category ‘Protection and Injuries’. offers a wide variety of top brand accessories. We offer these accessories for great prices. Can’t you find your favourite product, or do you have other questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also write an email for more information or an offer.