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Protection and Injuries

Protection and Injuries

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Protection and Injuries

Protection and injuries are part of the judo sport. Being a contact sport, participating in judo requires that you invest in some form of protection apparel and or equipment. A small injury in the sport of Judo can put you out for quite some time. Therefore, it’s quite crucial that you look after your body by getting the right equipment. It may be impossible to completely eliminate injuries, especially in contact sports, but there are also some products that can be used as remedies to significantly reduce the impact of injuries.
For instance, taping of the joints such as the fingers has a huge role to play in increasing stability and helping your body when recovering from an injury by providing extra support. Due to the additional risk of harm to body parts such as the ears, we have a wide selection of earmuffs in our online store, for both juniors and seniors. Other products include hot-cold gel packs and cold compression bandages to minimize or reduce swelling.

Mouthguards are also helpful as there are times when a stray knee or elbow may smash your teeth together and result in a few chipped teeth. Buy an affordable mouthguard at our store and it could save you plenty in the long run.

An opponent’s poorly timed foot sweep may at times end up in someone getting hit pretty hard in either the shin or the knee. A few repetitive hits can bruise your shins. Ordering a pair of comfortable shin guards can prevent any more future bruises. Look up these and any other protective apparel at



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