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Training Equipment

Training Equipment

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Training Equipment

Judo training equipment is developed specifically for the sport. Like most sports, it’s critical that you have the right equipment to help you meet the needs of your goals. We have plenty of training equipment such as grip trainers and judo mats so judokas can hone specific qualities.

Through our website,, you can request for Agglorex judo mats. These mats are IJF approved and produced to international specifications. Our grip trainers are made from the same fabric as judo suits to ensure workouts are well simulated.

To win games a good preparation is necessary and this can be achieved with the use of training equipment. offers judo mats, grip trainers, so that judokas can train specific qualities on the right surface. To maintain your stance against an opponent is essential in judo matches. In this product category, you will find several products that will help you train your grip.

Through you can make an offer for the Agglorex judo mats. These mats are produced according to the international specifications and are approved by the IJF and are recommended by several judo agencies.



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