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Judo Belts

Judo Belts

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An important part of the sport judo are its belts. There are a lot of belts in the sport judo. Besides the belts of the kyu-system of judo ( white to brown belts), we at also sell belts of the dan-system ( black to red belt). The belts are special and from solid Our judo belts are available in all colors and  very sturdy.  We have judo belts of brands like Adidas, Essimo and Matsuru. If you want to use your belt on national and international tournaments, your belt should be approves by the IJF. Luckily, these IJF approved judo belts are available in our assortment.

If you don’t understand the belt system completely then take a look at the judo belt system. Buying the right belt for training and or competition requires that you understand the Judo Belt system.


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