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Judo Mats

Judo Mats

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The judo mat is the Judoka’s sanctuary. This is where a judoka learns and perfects his/her skills. It is on the judo mat that one can display their skills and advance their knowledge over time. Therefore, judo mats are not for nothing.

Judo Mats

A common misconception is that judo mats are needed only for competitions. Well, there’s nothing further from the truth. Every judoka needs the mat to practice their technique. And to really perfect the art of Judo, you need a safe and comfortable surface on which to land.

A high quality judo mat is essential to protect you from injuries. Judo is a martial art, and that means a great deal of impact is to be expected during both training and competitions. With a good mat, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. And that means you can advance in your skill and continue learning the art of judo.

A good mat should be soft but still firm enough to handle the pressure. The right mat will not only absorb shock when you fall but also minimize fatal physical consequences that may result from typical judo techniques such as turn and rolling.

Our shop has plenty of mats which come in various colors and sizes. The mats meet the highest quality standards to ensure you exercise in the ideal environment. When it comes to judo mats, safety is not everything, hygiene also matters. And that’s why the mats we stock at are easy to clean. If you’re shopping for judo mats, check out the options we have at our web store.