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Judo Suits

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Buy your judo suits online at! is a complete online judo shop as we have a large assortment of suits for every judoka. Some suits are built primarily for beginners whereas others are structured for professionals. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert; a student or instructor we have the right equipment for you. We stock the best brands of Adidas Judo suits, Essimo Judo suits, Fighting Films Judo suits, Matsuru Judo suits and Mizuno Judo suits at the best prices.

For instance, single weave uniforms are lighter than double weave uniforms as the later are generally chosen by advanced students, and the former are preferred by beginners. Double weave judo suits are heavier and made with extra material, but both types should be constructed well enough to handle the intensity and rigors of judo training and competition.

Buying your first judo suit can be both fun and confusing. Because of the numerous differences in Judo suit brands and types, there are several factors to bear in mind before investing your hard earned money in a suit. Our years of experience in the industry have equipped us with the knowledge to help you choose the right Judo suit for your needs at the best prices in the market. If you are not pleased with our suit, you can simply return it to us.

A critical consideration when buying a judo suit is how it responds to laundering. Varying fabrics will react differently to different laundering techniques. It’s normal for your judo suit to shrink a bit after washing (unless it’s stated as pre-shrunk). So it pays to make some allowances when choosing the right size suit for your needs.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about sizes as we have a detailed explanation on how to measure sizes. Judo suits are generally sized by the wearer’s height, in centimeters. If you’re not sure about sizing, you can read the explanation on our sizing guide to help you choose the right suit.

The increasing popularity of judo has resulted in some changes over the years. Before, most suits were white. But today, it’s common to see blue, black or even red. Many competitions allow only white, blue and black, so it’s important to check out the rules, especially if you’re going to be competing. Moreover, judo suits have become a sign of identity for many schools and sponsors. It’s not surprising to see judo suits with logos and brands of sponsors and schools.

Order judo suits from Adidas, Matsuru and Mizuno

Whether you are a beginner judoka or a judoka that plays at international matches: will help you find the right judo suit for you. A suit that fits like a glove. Our site has a wide and diverse  assortment for every judoka. Judo suits from worldwide known brands are available on our site like Adidas, Matsuru and Mizuno. Our suits are utmost comfortable.

Some of our popular suits are the  IJF approved judo suit for (inter)national championships like the Matsuru Mondial IJF blue slim fit, a sturdy match suit like the Adidas J930 IJF, but  one suit that’s very popular are the flexible recreation suits which are available for even less than 20 euro. So don’t hesitate and command here your Adidas judo suit!



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