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IJF approved Judo Suits

IJF approved Judo Suits

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IJF Approved Judo Suits

It’s customary to start by purchasing a white judogi as beginners are allowed to use white. A blue suit may be purchased once you get to a more advanced level and they are also beneficial for training as they do not show up as much dirt as white ones. For experts and those taking part in international competitions, it’s important to buy judo suits that are approved by the IJF.

We have a wide variety of white and blue IFJ approved judo suits to be used by beginners and professionals for both training and or competitions.

IJF approved suits are built to meet the highest standards of quality and ensure fair competition. The IJF has established standards that are revised annually for all judo equipment used in international competitions. However, it’s crucial that the judo suit you choose suits your size and follows the set-out parameters. You can browse through our wide selection to find the right sized IJF approved Judo suit.