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Judo Trousers

Judo Trousers

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Judo Trousers

If you’re looking for a new pair of high-quality judo trousers, look no further. At, we have a wide variety of different judo trousers from big and reputable brands such as Adidas and Essimo. We give you the freedom to buy only the trouser and not the whole suit.

Choose the color you want; whether white or blue. Available in different brands and sizes, our judo trousers offer both maneuverability and comfort. Choose the best pair of judo trousers for your needs from the wide product range we have in our online store and compete at the top of your game in comfort.

At, we cater for the needs of both kids and adults taking part in judo as beginners, as well as those who are more experienced. Our stock of judo trousers is for all ages and abilities. Scroll through our collection and take a look at our judo trousers, which come in a broad selection of colors to match your individual needs and match the rest of your judo suit. Our different colors include white, yellow, green, orange, black, red and red-white.

If you are going to be competing in international tournaments, your judo trousers, just like the rest of your apparel, have to be IJF approved. And that’s why we have IFJ approved judo trousers to ensure you can compete with the right equipment.

Don’t compromise on quality; choose your judo trousers from, the judo suit stockists you can trust. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Judo Belts

In judo, understanding and improvement of the art is represented by a progressive ranking system. Advancement in judo is indicated with various systems of colored belts. The color of one’s judo belt is used to indicate that a judoka has attained a certain level of competence.

Belt holders are categorized into two main groups, Kyu grades and Dan grades. The kyu grades are for beginners learning Judo, and they consist of six ranks starting with the brown belt, followed by the blue belt, green belt, orange belt, yellow belt and finally the white belt. It is after completing the kyu grade system that one can take a test to advance further into the Dan grades. There are ten ranks within this group starting with the first black belt. Everyone in the Dan grades group wears a black belt, but other optional belts can be worn such as red and white.

Check out or broad range of belts at We have plenty of different colors for every skill level and or preference. Our different colors include white, yellow, green, blue, orange, black, brown, red, red white and various other color mixes to suit individual preferences.

If you’re going to be competing at an international level, you can rest assured that we have IJF approved belts to ensure you compete in compliance with set regulations. We also have various brands of belts from renowned manufacturers such as Adidas, Essimo and Matsuru. Order your judo belt today and have it delivered as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, contact us at, and we shall be happy to help.